soda reviews #2

Yeo’s White Gourd Drink (purchased at Choi’s Asian Grocery)


You know when you eat a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios or Honeycomb cereal and then the leftover milk tastes really sweet and delicious? That’s what I was reminded of when drinking this intriguing beverage. It also reminded me a bit of coconut water. There’s no carbonation going on here which was a bit of a disappointment and the calorie count was 100 per can. I can’t see myself chugging this stuff down on a regular basis (it’s a little sweet for my taste) but it was certainly an interesting experience! It was pretty cheap, too!

GUS (Grown Up Soda) in Dry Meyer Lemon. Purchased at Liquor Barn on Shelbyville Rd.


This might be one of the best sodas I’ve ever tasted. It has a goofy brand name, but it makes sense. Kids will think that this is gross. It is definitely dry and super bubbly and refreshing and made with real Meyer Lemon juice. At 60 calories a bottle, it’s not too bad and the lack of artificial sweeteners and chemicals is good. Down side is that it is fairly expensive. Still cheaper than a nice beer though. I was happy to see that this brand comes in some other flavors, too, which I will definitely be testing out.

Zero Calorie Honest Fizz “Professor Fizz” Cherry Flavor (purchased at Whole Foods)


This drink had a lot of promise. I really like cherry flavors and was hoping for a nice tart cherry flavor. Zero calories was a plus as well as the fact that it claims to contain all natural ingredients. Unfortunately, this is one of the grossest sodas I have ever tasted. This beverage cannot seem to decide if it wants to taste like a tea, a cola, or a cherry drink. The Stevia sweetener was way too sweet and had a strange, off putting aftertaste. Not recommended!

Refreshing Carbonated Chinese Herbs Drink (purchased at Choi’s Asian Market)


This is a tiny bottled drink from Korea. It looks more medicinal than “fun soda” and I was intrigued. The only ingredients in the product I recognize are Menthol, Cinnamon, and “Aromatic Carbonated Water.” It was definitely refreshing and minty but had an odd aftertaste similar to licking the back of a postage stamp. I think I felt more energized after drinking this, but it might just be in my head. 25 calories per bottle.


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