Soda Reviews #1

I quit drinking alcohol almost three months ago. No, I’m not pregnant. Overall it’s been a very positive change, but sometimes it’s hard, especially when there is a social gathering revolving around alcohol. Plus, I used to LOVE alcohol. All of it. Wine, craft beers, cheap beers, good bourbon, cocktails, etc. I miss exploring different flavors and varieties. Which led me to look for some alternatives.

Soda is bad for you, we all know this. But I figured if I’ve managed to cut out one big habit, I might as well enjoy a different but less problematic one. Which led me to investigate what interesting options might be readily available in my own town- Louisville, Kentucky.

The ideal sodas I hope to find:

•Low in calories/sugar **

•Not too sweet (or not sweet at all!)

•Has some sort of kick or unusual flavor combination happening

**I will make an exception for a full on sugary/syrupy soda if it looks particularly exciting or unusual

#1 VIMTO (Purchased at Anar Food Mart, Westport Rd.)

soda1This is a soda manufactured in the United Kingdom but the back label of the can was all printed in Arabic. The flavors here are grape, raspberry, and blackcurrent. There was a regular and a “Lite” version. This soda looked very promising, but I was a little disappointed upon tasting it. Kinda of reminds me of Big Red crossed with cough syrup. Maybe the non- “Lite” version is better. I have to mention that Anar food market was really neat. Lots of delicious looking foods. I did come across a Goat Milk Soda which was both fascinating and somewhat horrifying sounding. I’ll save that one for a later review when I start to run out of other options.

#2 Barritt’s Diet Ginger Beer (Purchased at Liquor Barn, Shelbyville Rd.)


This ginger beer promised a kick, but what I experienced was more of an overly sweet chemical taste with some ginger flavor lurking in the background. Kind of disappointing. Once again, maybe the non-diet version is better.

#3 Sprecher’s Low-Cal Root Beer


Now this is a damn good soda. This root beer is 30 calories for the whole bottle. The sassafrass flavor is nice and sassy and not too sweet. No weird chemical-y flavors going on here. This might become my new beer replacement. I also like the German beer-garden inspired label design. The only downside to this product is that it’s on the expensive side. Still cheaper than a bottle of good real beer, though.

#4 Q “Superior” Ginger Ale (Purchased at Whole Foods, Shelbyville Road)

soda4Okay, this is the kind of obnoxious looking product that I would have definitely made fun of before I quit drinking. Though the label is nicely designed, it looks very pretentious. And it’s also crazy expensive for a soda. That said, this might be my favorite soda discovery yet. It’s slightly dry, not too sweet with a super spicy ginger flavor. 50 calories per glass. Makes a wonderful substitute for a white wine. I drank it out of a champagne glass and it was awesome. No shame here.


1 Response to “Soda Reviews #1”

  1. 1 culturalcalories
    January 28, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Also, you need to review one of the Kombucha’s with chia seeds in them for your drink trials. You can buy them at Krogers. Don’t take this as a recommendation though, just an experience.

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