superbowl sunday, seneca park

I get depressed during the month of February.  I miss the sunlight, the warmth, the outdoor activities and adventures, the colors.  I can hardly even stand to walk around outside to take pictures.  I constantly try to find ways to fool myself into another state of mind– cooking, watching tv, reading travel books, eating spicy foods from warmer climates… 

Tonight I’ve decided to attempt to embrace the rest of this month– or at least make a list of some of the things that will help me to think about it in a more positive light:

1. Having an excuse to hibernate and be ultra-lazy

2. A fresh blanket of snow (and potential snow days, snowmen, and sledding)

3. The abundance of hot drinks

4. Cooking with the frozen tomatoes, blueberries, and pesto I prepared during the summer

5. Indoor swimming pools/whirlpools/saunas at the gym

6. Homemade valentine cards and chocolate

7. It’s Black History Month (a 6th grade student scolded me with this information when I was complaining about how lousy the month of February is.. which one of us is the adult?? I forgot.)

8. The joys of the entire year to look forward to once this crappy month is over


1 Response to “superbowl sunday, seneca park”

  1. 1 brian
    March 8, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    I’m one of those odd sorts that loves the cold, the snow… all that winter brings (sorry). I recently went walking through Seneca Park shortly after a big snowstorm, climbing up a steep hill and reveling in the otherworldly beauty, quietude and isolation that a snowstorm invariably produces. On this particular expedition, I was listening to music — a really beautiful piece by Aphex Twin called “Lichen” — and the combination of that soundtrack with my physical environment was truly magical. Anyway, in spite of your personal animus towards the season, you capture it well. Hope you’re feeling better now that the winter thaw is finally upon us. take care.

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