the last years of sheppard square

I work closely with many families who live in the Sheppard Square housing projects in Smoketown, near downtown Louisville.  The housing authority of Louisville  plans to demolish the outdated, inadequate buildings in the next couple of years and replace it with mixed income properties through a HOPE IV grant.  We’ve seen this happen before with the Clarksdale Housing projects and the Cotter and Lang Homes.  While the living conditions in Sheppard Square are not the best (there’s still a big blue tarp on the roof of one of the buildings from the Ice Storm last January) and I am optimistic about the plan, I do fear for the future of the families who live in Sheppard Square. Where will they go?  How deeply with this disrupt their lives?  Smoketown has its problems, but there are many positive aspects to the close-knit community.  Who will get to stay? Who gets pushed out? Guess we have to just wait and see.  I wanted to take some pictures to document the way things are now before they’re gone.

Here’s a Courier-Journal article about Sheppard Square 

Here’s a really fantastic article on Str8 Legit, a positive force in the middle of Sheppard Square


1 Response to “the last years of sheppard square”

  1. 1 Dave Morse
    December 28, 2009 at 3:52 am

    Well, the people moving in will have pretty good transit. The people moving out will be moved to someplace with dramatically less good transit. The new Smoketown configuration will probably allocate more urban land to parking lots, and be at or below the density of Shepard Square. So yet another government program that encourages car usage while decreasing people’s mobility. Sigh. 😛

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