kitchen island

I’ve spent the last week moving and working on projects in my new house, which is why I haven’t posted much lately.  One of the projects that I’ve been working on is this kitchen island.  I didn’t like much of what I was seeing in stores and online, so I decided to make my own.  I started with an old workbench that was pretty stable, but did not have a very attractive finish.  Then I scraped it, primed it, and painted it.  I got a piece of stainless steel cut from a metal shop for $50 and glued it down with silicone.  I left just a little bit of the old finish showing through around the top and on the shelving to retain a little bit of the character of the old bench.  The shelving underneath is now used to house my cookbook and cooking magazine collection. 



1 Response to “kitchen island”

  1. 1 Neil
    July 16, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Wow! That is too flippin’ cool! I love DIY repurposing projects like that!

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