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  1. July 13, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    personal correspondence for Carrie Neumayer

    My name is Katherine Fraze. I’d like to talk with you about your work and my non-profit, save that dog sanctuary. Check out my site, savethatdog.org. Then, to really blow your mind, ask your papa about me…!

    Rick was one of my all time favorite people when I was growing up at Jeff High, albeit not one of my teachers. We became friends through Charlie Isler, another teacher at Jeff (who, incidentally, was notorious for going after teenage girls, including yours truly. These days, he’d be in jail…). While that relationship faltered, your dad was always of my biggest advocates, helping me through some rough spots all those years ago. I feel safe in saying that he will tell you, with fondness, that I always marched to my own drum. In fact, I was the antithesis of my peer group, finishing a year early so I could split and go work for the band Journey in San Francisco.(You’ll also have to ask him how I dragged him, your mom and Charlie to see Elvis Costello at Louisville’s Memorial Auditorium in 1980 when I was a freelance photographer at WLRS, which used to be a super cool station).

    You can read my press at savethatdog.org as well as it’s blog pertaining to my work. If you’re interested in meeting and you wouldn’t be afraid of my 50 friendly dogs greeting you with unbridled enthusiasm, bring your camera to capture a cornucopia of subjects. Our 130 acre
    sanctuary is where they live with me, their sole caregiver, in a camper without running water and artifice, happy as we can be beneath the poverty line.

    Maybe we can talk about doing some concert fund raisers; I know a lot of people, like Chris Higdon of frontier(s), Benny Clark of Broken Spurs, Weber, Ron Whitehead, and so forth.
    LOTS of people who’d participate if asked, I’m sure.

    To close with a cliche, I remember when the news of your imminent arrival was announced…
    …originally you were to be a “Caroline”.

    Katherine Fraze

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