EVERGREEN was a band formed in Louisville, Kentucky in the early 1990s.  Their sound was a mix of rocknroll through reggae, punk, and metal, somewhat inspired by bands like  Bad Brains and the Minutemen.  The lineup included Tim Ruth, Troy Cox, Dave Pollard and Matt Tucker. This line-up released one single and a cassette on Self Destruct Records. Ruth and Cox later revised the group with former Undermine vocalist Sean McLaughlin and Britt Walford (os Squirrel Bait, Slint, etc.) This more minimalist blues version of Evergreen released a 7″ (1994) and one LP/CD (1995 on The Coctails’ Hi-Ball label) along with two others co-released between Ghetto Defendant and Black Planet Records. The LP was later reissued by Temporary Residence Records in 2005.

Noise Pollution Records will be re-releasing all of the music created by “old evergreen” this fall: “Wholeness of the Soul” is a 21 song CD retrospective of early 1990’s Louisville legends which includes newly remastered versions of their debut 7″ as well as the “Go Kart Ride” cassette (both originally released on Self Destruct Records). Also included will be previously unreleased demo and live recordings from their Cinderblock days. It has been over 16 years since any of this material has been available. Here’s the track listing:

Wholeness of the Soul
Empty Sun
Man That Crawls
Cold Dark Figure
Say You Are
Psyche Scream Closet
Question Mark
Dance Fever
Haven’t We Learned
Idols of a Decadent Time

Also, a “Wholeness of the Soul” CD release party will take place on Sat. Sep 5th @ Pour Haus. Performing for one night only will be CINDERBLOCK REDUX (Troy Cox and Dave Pollard from the original Cinderblock/Evergreen along with Greg Livingston and Sean Roberts) playing songs from the CD.


Kirby Coleman (their “dancer”) and Tim Ruth in a basement somewhere


3 Responses to “Evergreen”

  1. 1 troy cox
    July 10, 2009 at 4:14 am

    I haven’t seen my old aria pro II RSB series bass (left corner of the pic) since I was a teenager. Who are you people? Where did you get this picture? For those who are interested in attending, you won’t be disappointed: we are practicing like mad. I am having fun once again!!!!! The music is loud, tight, and still as fun as ever……………… Troy Cox

    • September 11, 2009 at 10:22 pm

      Hey Troy, I’ve been thinking about you and Sean a lot lately, dreams and that. Oddly enough it seems that you were actually sending out bass notes. I usually never google oddities, yet I found this! Sounds great from here; hi to the family

  2. 3 aprettypickle
    July 10, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    Awesome news! Can’t wait for the record and the show. The pictures were pulled from the Evergreen myspace page. http://myspace.com/evergreenlouisville

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