Shippingport exhibit at 21C


A very cool exhibit closes tomorrow at Louisville’s 21C museum.  The University of Kentucky College of Design is displaying student proposals to revitalize the Shippingport area in Louisville’s West End.  The exhibit consists of a large model and videos of a very green and progressive approach to rethinking urban development and economic expansion in Louisville.  You can check out a video and more photos of the exhibit here: http://www.uky.edu/Design/brownforman/index.html

The proposals include many interesting ideas, such as vocational schools, a culinary school with adjoining restaurant, a centralized hospitality complex serviced by light rail, networks of pocket parks that connect to the existing Olmstead Park system, to a Green Ford Motor Company campus where hybrid and electric products would be designed, developed, and constructed.  

Here at APP, we are both extremely excited to see progressive urban design applied to Louisville and a little bit jealous that we were not a part of this project (we are constantly kicking ourselves for not studying Urban Design and Planning in college.) 

One thing that we are a little concerned about in regards to the Shippingport design-should a model such as this become adopted- is that the fabulous historic industrial architecture of the area doesn’t seem to be integrated into the project.  The designs seem to all require the construction of all brand new buildings (or perhaps the project just didn’t get that far into specific details).  There are a number of cities which have developed created sustainable adaptive re-uses of old industrial buildings and warehouses to create vibrant commercial and residential centers- Baltimore and Cleveland come to mind.  It would be great if Shippingport could be a part of this movement.

The Shippingport exhibit was up 21C May 25 – June 8, 2009





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