schnitzelburg walk



Last night was the 17th annual Schnitzelburg walk.  The weather was absoultely beautiful and tons of people showed up.  The Schnitzelburg walk is basically a block party in the heart of the Germantown, which is one of Louisville’s most interesting and storied neighborhoods.  People from the neighborhood and beyond gathered to drink beer, eat bratwursts and pretzels, listen to bands, and badly perform karaoke on the street.  It was a lot of fun.  The best part of the event is the opportunity that the fantastic-yet-low key neighborhood businesses have to introduce more people to their places and products. 

If you weren’t able to make it last night, check out these places sometime: Flabby’s, Ole Hickory Bar (although it burned in a fire this year, the owners have plans to reopen), Check’s Cafe, Zeppelin Cafe, The Nachbar, Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge, The Pour Haus, and Jockamo’s Pizza and Pub. 

Additionally, a new bar in the Germantown-Paristown neighborhood held their Grand Opening last night.  The Swan Dive (921 Swan Street- formerly The Dugout) has reopened as a cool basement bar with lots of outdoor seating— it’s perfect for summer.  They boast an all-vegetarian menu and a huge bottled beer list with an additional 7 or so beers on tap.  I can forsee a lot of evenings spent at this place in the near future.


1 Response to “schnitzelburg walk”

  1. 1 Edward Gibbon
    April 30, 2009 at 2:53 am

    This bash brought back many memories. Of really old days when relatives lived on Swan Street near the coal mine!! Of more recent times in Flabby’s, which is much like the old Mazzoni’s at 41st and Market Sts. was in the 1950s. And in between of the Swan Cafe (now Dive — but then it always was), where teenaged stock crew workers from the old Kroger at Hancock and Jefferson (now a construction site) could go in the mid 1960s for a late night dinner and a few beers without being carded.

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