cool grocery store alert #14




Hauck’s Grocery.  1000 Goss Avenue.  (502) 637-9282

I generally try and point out sites and businesses that are overlooked, abandoned and/or underappreciated.  Hauck’s grocery store may not exactly fall into this category. First of all, it’s practically a Louisville institution.  It’s gotten a lot of press and a lot of love from local residents.  I just want to reiterate the fact that this is a great place that deserves more business, particularly in our current economy.  We cannot afford to lose places that are such a part of our history and culture. 

This tiny corner grocery opened in 1912 and is still a  family run business.  In fact, the woman in the picture above is the granddaughter of Mr. George Hauck, who has run the store for the last 5 or so decades.  He happened to be hanging out in the shop when I stopped by.  Hauck’s specializes in cut lunch meat, groceries, cold beer  and household items.  It has everything else your nearest chain gas station has– except that this place has the history and  character that all those other places lack.   

Second of all, Hauck’s is the site of the Schnitzelberg neighborhood’s annual Dainty contest.   Dainty is a street ball game that German immigrants in the neighborhood first played at the turn of the century.  In the game, a flat, bat-like stick is used to strike another stick on the ground, making it airborne, which is then hit like a baseball as far as possible. Every July the World Dainty Championship is held in the neighborhood.  Last year’s tournament featured local celebrity contestants such as Mayor Jerry Abramson, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, and Why Louisville/Lebowskifest founder Will Russell.


2 Responses to “cool grocery store alert #14”

  1. April 2, 2009 at 11:13 am

    I don’t think this is overlooked, This is a good work, continue yourself.

  2. April 3, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Awesome, wish I could post it to my facebook for all my out-of-town friends.

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