the brick factory



Color photo taken by A Pretty Pickle in 1996, Black and White photo taken by Scott Brooks.

This massive building sat abandoned for years and years on River Road, not too far from the Water Tower.  As a teenager, the building always captivated my imagination and was a great place to draw, take pictures, have a dangerous adventure, etc.  In fact, the building was so inviting that eventually a security guard had to be posted outside so people would stop trespassing.   Then in the spring of 1998, the building was demolished.  I took a brick from its ruins and kept it in the trunk of my car for 3 years and then it was lost.  I wish I still had it.

I’ve always been attracted to old factories.  They have so much more character and interesting shapes and forms than the blank box factories of today.  We always called this building “the brick factory,” but I would love to know more about this building’s history.  What was the name of the company who built it?  When was it built?  How many people worked here?  When did it become abandoned? Why wasn’t it developed as something else?  I’ve searched the internet and I can’t seem to find any information.  I’d love to find out more.


1 Response to “the brick factory”

  1. 1 Amanda W.
    September 9, 2012 at 4:36 am

    Thank you so much for posting this!! The roof of that buildingwas the best place in Louisville to look out over the river…probably because of all of the adrenaline going through you by the time you got up there!!

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