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I haven’t seen a lot of blogs devoted to Louisville vegetarians, so I thought I’d write a series of entries on some of my favorite meals from locally-owned restaurants. There aren’t many exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Louisville, but there are many restaurants which have great options. 

For this entry, I am focused on places I go to for American-style comfort foods.  Perhaps because it is the holiday season, or maybe because it is 10 degrees outside.  I’ll write about our delicious Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Japanese, Cuban, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Korean, South American, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Ethiopean foods another time.  By the way- that picture of 3rd prize winning sweet potatoes above was taken at the Kentucky State Fair this summer (which happens to be an unexpected venue for veggie-friendly treats like fried green tomatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and sugar roasted pecans and almonds.)

 Third Avenue Cafe: 

Third Ave. Cafe has a sort of Elvis viva Las Vegas theme and is located in the beautiful Old Louisville neighborhood.  The staff is usually entertaining and the food is very veggie-friendly.  Two of my favorite dishes are:

Barbeque Tofu Sandwich (v)
Lightly fried, firm tofu marinated with in the house barbeque sauce. Served on homemade focaccia with lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

Curry Roasted Vegetables (v)
A bed of rice and mashed sweet potatoes topped with assorted vegetables that have been roasted in our spicy homemade curry powder, garnished with toasted cashews.

North End Cafe:

Located on the border of the Clifton and Butchertown neighborhoods, North End is a modern, elegant place to go on a date or for a special occasion.  It can be pricey, but the dish below is both gourmet vegetarian and comforting.   

Eggplant Casserole: Potatoes, onions, butternut squash, provolone, parmesan, Red peppers, and garlic served over spicy lentils.

Ramsis Cafe on the World:

The Seitan Parmesan Panini, Jerk Tofu Sandwich, and the Roasted Vegetable Masala are all great.  Ramsis has a huge menu with many vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

Cafe Lou Lou

I’ve fallen in love with the new location in the Douglass Loop.  I love their seasonal salad with mixed greens, pepitos, golden raisins, and blue cheese.  Then I order the Vegetarian calzone and finish about 1/3 of it cause it’s so gigantic.  On Wednesdays, you can order a bottle of wine for 1/2 off.

Cumberland Brewery

Try the gigantic falafel and portobello mushroom veggie burger with guacamole and have a pint of their sublime Kincardine Scottish Ale

Bluegrass Brewing Company

I like the Spinach Veggie Burger- Spinach and walnuts are the base of this hand made burger.  Goes great with a Nut Brown Ale (or any of their great beers.)

Flabby’s Schnitzelberg

Flabby’s Schnitzelburg is a tavern that has been around since the 1950s in the Germantown neighborhood.  Strict vegans probably won’t find many options  here, but the traditions, ambiance, and doughnut-like pretzel sticks make it a place you should experience, veggie or no.  My favorite things to order here a la cart are potato latkes with applesauce, pretzel sticks, and German beer- a nice carbohydrate overload.  If you are bringing a non-vegetarian along with you, they can order things like chicken livers, pork schnitzel sandwiches, and Mazzoni’s famous oysters.

Smoketown USA

This place is in the historic Smoketown neighborhood and has a really odd combination of BBQ, Tex Mex, random art and antiques for sale, and southern-style 100% vegetarian based side dishes.  I really like the collard greens, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, and cornbread here.  

Rich O’s Public House/Sportstime Pizza:

Delicious pizza (I like the “refridgerator-style” pizza with spinach, mushrooms, olives, and pineapple) and one of their 500 beers from around the world.  Amusing menu to read, as well.

The Irish Rover

This place is a relaxing, cozy place to unwind after a long workday.  Try the VEGGIE SANDWICH  (A giant toasted sandwich of thickly sliced homemade bread, diced sauteed veggies and melted cheddar. Served with Irish chips.) along with a pint of Tennents lager or Guiness.



1 Response to “vegetarian louisville- comfort foods”

  1. 1 Ketti
    December 23, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    This looked so good a few weeks ago when we were dining at Baxter Station. I didn’t order it, but eyedropped on someone who did.

    Portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes & onions simmered with olive oil, garlic & fresh herbs.
    Served in a spaghetti squash bowl topped with tangy marinara sauce garnished with with Asiago cheese.

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